Cash Security for Your Business

July 24, 2016By sadams

There are several ways you can keep your cash secure and your employees safe at your business. Generally if you combine technology and common sense, you will significantly reduce the likelihood of burglary and theft. Start by installing a thorough camera system with plenty of signage to indicate that you are recording everything going on … Read More

Crime Statistics in Riverside

July 24, 2016By sadams

Knowing the crime statistics for your neighborhood in Riverside will help you protect your home and deter criminals from targeting your streets. Awareness is key in home security. Tracking crime trends in Riverside will help keep you connected to your community and alert you of any encroaching dangers. The Riverside police suggest two ways to … Read More

Exterior Security

July 24, 2016By sadams

Securing the grounds around your home is as critical as securing the doors and windows to your home. Depending on your landscaping and neighborhood, you need to consider the ways in which an intruder could use the features of your lawn and garden to gain access the inside of your home. For example, high shrubs … Read More

Technology Completes the Network of Security

July 24, 2016By sadams In September of this year, Riverside police released closed caption footage of a burglar robbing a restaurant just before the business opened for the day. The police released the footage through Facebook. By combining the security efforts of the restaurant with a social media application, the police mobilized technology to increase the likelihood of … Read More

Security Systems to Avoid Robbery

July 24, 2016By sadams In early October 2014, three men knocked on the door of a Riverside home and attacked the man who answered the door. While the exact details of this incident are still under investigation, the robbery serves as an example of how a home security system could have deterred the burglars. When a resident displays … Read More

Garage Security in Riverside

July 24, 2016By sadams

In the summer of 2013, Riverside police closed more than 40 burglary cases with just two arrests. The Riverside police accused one of the suspects with using garage doors as a point of entry into the homes he burglarized. Garages and garage doors have always been a point of weakness with home security. Frequently … Read More

Use Your Security System While at Home

July 24, 2016By sadams

When considering the benefits of a home security system, consumers frequently overlook the value of using the system while at home. From basic conveniences to safety concerns, there are several ways you can use a security system from inside your home. Generally, security firms suggest you set the alarm when you go to bed. If … Read More

Small Business Cash Security

July 24, 2016By sadams

As a small business owner, you may be an expert in baking pastries, selling crafts, or making lattés. However, you may not be an expert in how to manage your cash intake and deposit procedures to ensure safety for you and your employees. One incident of theft or cash loss can pay for a range … Read More

Staying Safe in Autumn

July 24, 2016By sadams

As the cooler weather moves into Riverside, you will be tempted to turn off the expensive air conditioning and open your windows to let the fresh, fall air into your home. Make sure to take some precautions however, to keep your home safe while enjoying the reprieve from the summer heat. Don’t forget to close … Read More

Prevent Water Damage with a Home Security System

July 24, 2016By sadams

Water damage is the primary reason why insurance companies give out premium discounts for customers with home security systems. Although burglary and catastrophic fire decrease significantly when you own a home security system, preventable water damage is one of the leading reasons for filing insurance claims against a homeowner policy. Because home security systems today … Read More