security network

In September of this year, Riverside police released closed caption footage of a burglar robbing a restaurant just before the business opened for the day. The police released the footage through Facebook. By combining the security efforts of the restaurant with a social media application, the police mobilized technology to increase the likelihood of finding this suspect. This kind of comprehensive effort decreases the overall chances that burglars will target locations covered by camera systems.

This case clearly demonstrates how security begins at the business location. While the police might be well-trained and responsive to problems, no police force can cover every possible home and business in its jurisdiction. Knowing this, the owners of the restaurant took the precautionary measure of installing active cameras. Thanks to those preemptive efforts by the business owners, the Riverside police had a clear image of the criminal to use throughout their investigation. Without that clear video footage, the police would not have been able to stream the video on Facebook. With a vast majority of Californians on Facebook everyday, the police significantly increased their chances of getting a positive identification of the man in the video.

Security is the combined efforts of private people (or companies), local police, and security firms. Alone, none can prevent criminal acts. Combined, however, the three components create a web of security difficult to breach by any criminal. And with the additional reach of technology, few criminals will be able to evade justice.

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