As the cooler weather moves into Riverside, you will be tempted to turn off the expensive air conditioning and open your windows to let the fresh, fall air into your home. Make sure to take some precautions however, to keep your home safe while enjoying the reprieve from the summer heat.

Don’t forget to close those windows. Thieves are constantly looking for easy access. Open windows are a quick way to get into your home and grab any of the electronics that you have throughout the house. For a low-tech solution, add a nail or screw to the upper, interior window frame, preventing you from opening the window any more than a few inches. For a better, more sure-proof solution, use a home security system with window monitors. Your home security system will automatically check every window in your home when you set the alarm, and alert you of any open windows.

Add a dowel to the sliding glass door frame. Again, this low tech solution prevents burglars from entering your home through an unlocked sliding glass door. The dowel simply blocks the door from sliding open on the track. If you have a busy family, they are coming and going throughout the day. An electronic solution will alert you if you or someone else in the house leaves the sliding door open or unlocked.

Leave a light on for yourself. Fall means nighttime comes earlier and earlier. A dark house at 8 pm generally signals a burglar that you aren’t home. Even just one light can deter a thief. With an integrated home security system, not only can you put your lights on a timer, you can access the security system with your smartphone and turn on some lights from anywhere in the world.

Home security is frequently about simple, logical solutions to prevent problems. Technology makes taking those steps easier. Consult with a home security team to help prevent problems throughout the year.