crime security system Knowing the crime statistics for your neighborhood in Riverside will help you protect your home and deter criminals from targeting your streets. Awareness is key in home security. Tracking crime trends in Riverside will help keep you connected to your community and alert you of any encroaching dangers.

The Riverside police suggest two ways to watch crime in Riverside. The first is a monthly report about crime statistics that feeds into the annual report. The police provide exact numbers of specific crimes committed throughout specific neighborhoods in the city. The police break the city of Riverside into four districts (east, west, north, central) and use 134 reporting districts (RD) to pinpoint the exact crimes. Crimes fall into two categories, the first being severe crimes such as robbery, assault, burglary, and theft. The second category of crimes includes problems such as gambling, vagrancy, and vandalism.

The Riverside police also provide an interactive crime map where residents can customize a report to match their specific concerns. For example, if a resident wanted to see the number of car thefts near Riverside Plaza in the last thirty day, the map would show the exact date and time of the three results.

The mapping service, provided by, also allows users to create alerts for up-to-the-minute criminal activity. Informed and alert residents can then take the necessary precautions to deter further problems. Simple solutions like well-lit yards or motion sensor lights can reduce crime quickly. Concerned neighbors can stay alert and mobilize neighborhood watch groups to ensure the police stay informed of any suspicious activity.

Again, home security hinges on awareness. Stay informed of the problems in your neighborhood to keep your home and family safe.

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