cash security

There are several ways you can keep your cash secure and your employees safe at your business. Generally if you combine technology and common sense, you will significantly reduce the likelihood of burglary and theft.

Start by installing a thorough camera system with plenty of signage to indicate that you are recording everything going on inside your business. Register cameras are especially helpful in deterring burglars as they usually have to face the registers to pull off a success robbery. (You can also deter internal theft by ensuring the cameras capture the register screen.) Add a time and date stamp to your camera feed to make finding any necessary footage quick and easy.

While it may seem counter intuitive, many businesses opt to put their safes in the front of the store – typically behind the counter but out of the back room. Keeping the safe in a visible, public place both deters crime and decreases the chances that a burglary will turn violent. Train your employees to avoid talking about cash in front of customers. In addition, vary the bank deposit times to avoid a pattern a thief could easily identify.

Use a professional security firm to maintain a safe business at all times. Burglars look for security stickers, intercoms, and working cameras. A professional system will include safeguards and secret alert codes that you and your employees can use in an emergency.

Take the time to establish a cash management system complete with training for your employees about security protocols. Unfortunately, if you run a business with cash transactions, you will eventually be a target for theft. Don’t wait until you’ve been robbed.

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