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Securing the grounds around your home is as critical as securing the doors and windows to your home. Depending on your landscaping and neighborhood, you need to consider the ways in which an intruder could use the features of your lawn and garden to gain access the inside of your home.

For example, high shrubs tend to deter thieves. However, high shrubbery can also act like a shield, and once crossed, the burglar no longer has to worry about evading detection by concerned neighbors or patrolling police cars. Once inside the perimeter of your property (especially at night), a thief can watch your activities and determine the best way to break into your home. Most homeowners with high shrubs don’t bother closing the drapes for privacy, exposing their electronics, art, and movements inside the house.

Some of the most secure homes are vulnerable through a simple, back gate. Secured with nothing but a latch, many homeowners simply hang a string over the edge of the gate allowing anyone access to the back yard. Generally, thieves are not looking for ways to enter through the exposed front door. An unsecure back gate makes your home an easy target.

Be sure to include some exterior security features when designing your security plan. Generally, proper lighting will deter most thieves from trespassing on your property. However, you can enhance the outdoor lighting features with motion detectors. In addition, well-placed cameras indicate to potential thieves that you are recording their activities. Lastly, you can connect your outdoor fence door to the security panel inside; and you will always know when someone steps on your property.

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