Cell Phone Peephole Hack – DIY smart phone peephole viewer

August 5, 2016By sadamsDIY

Cell phone peephole hack Cell phone peephole hack project shows how you can use your cell phone to make the peephole in your front door easier to view through. Old smart phones are still plenty useful. Lots of people keep their old smart phones around and they can be put to good use like this … Read More

Home Security Means Digital Security

July 24, 2016By sadamsArchived

Burglars who break into your home aren’t likely to go rifling through your tax returns to steal and sell your Social Security number. (Although it happens.) The thieves who steal your identity are ones you will never know invaded your home. You have to protect your digital information far more than the credit card applications … Read More

Huntington Beach Alarm Permit

July 24, 2016By sadams

The police department in Huntington Beach requires that you file a permit when you install an alarm system that is wired to notify them of any problems. Most communities in California require that you file such a permit on an annual basis and pay a fee. Consult with your private security firm to confirm that … Read More

Criminals Case Commercial Businesses

July 24, 2016By sadamsArchived

Most criminals will visit a business a few times prior to committing a crime. Generally, the burglars are trying to locate the working cameras, the active cash registers, and the store safe. Your private security firm will see your store through the eyes of a criminal and be able to help you deter theft with … Read More

Advice From Fountain Valley Police

July 24, 2016By sadams

The Fountain Valley Police offer extensive advice as to how to avoid residential burglary. (http://www.fvpd.org/a/index.php?d=community&p=res_burg) The page offers a summary of how and why burglaries take place, and then offers a list of action items useful in deterring crime. The first item on the list is to buy a dog. The second item on the … Read More

Use Your Security System to Save Money

July 24, 2016By sadamsArchived

Because most security systems now integrate with your home’s temperature controls, you can use the security system to increase efficiency in how you heat and cool your home. In addition, you can use the security system to light your home only at night, deterring crime and saving energy. The best way to heat and cool … Read More

Orange County Crime Calls

July 24, 2016By sadamsArchived

The Orange County, California sheriff offers an online log for current crime calls into the various police departments throughout Orange County. Although there may be additional suspicious activity yet to be reported in the county, the call log allows you one way to monitor suspicious or unusual activity near your home. While security systems offer … Read More

New Year’s Eve Security

July 24, 2016By sadamsArchived

New Year’s Eve is especially popular holiday for burglars. Not only are there party-goers on the street making noise until two or three in the morning, but the people who aren’t at home will be gone until midnight. This allows burglars to watch a home until residents leave, dressed for a party, and then use … Read More

Crime in Orange, California

July 24, 2016By sadams

The college town of Orange, California is known for its quaint downtown and generally low crime rates. However, geographically the town is wedged between the cities of Santa Ana and Anaheim, both of which have higher crime rates. When considering a home security system, the most relevant crime statistic to consider is the burglary rate. … Read More

Santa Ana Property Crime Rates

July 24, 2016By sadams

http://www.cityrating.com/crime-statistics/california/santa-ana.html While Santa Ana has property crimes rates lower than both the national average and California’s average, the city has seen an increase in property crime over the last few years. Although located in one of the nation’s wealthiest counties (Orange County) Santa Ana still has violent crime rates that closely match violent crime rates … Read More