small business cash security

As a small business owner, you may be an expert in baking pastries, selling crafts, or making lattés. However, you may not be an expert in how to manage your cash intake and deposit procedures to ensure safety for you and your employees. One incident of theft or cash loss can pay for a range of security services for many years. Ask a private security firm for help in crafting your cash handling procedures. Here are a few issues the security firm can address:

Is your cash safe timed?

Many commercial business safes are actually several safes in one. With time delays and time-of-day restrictions, you can significantly reduce the amount of cash any one person can access throughout the day. These restrictions significantly reduce theft risk during opening and closing hours.

Where do you have the cameras?

With technology today, tiny cameras can be everywhere. Thieves can no longer use a simple baseball hat to avoid well-placed cameras. From the top of the cash register to the front door, you can place cameras throughout your store. Along with the cameras, come the signs legally informing patrons they are under surveillance. Simple recording devices go a long way in deterring burglars.

How do you go to the bank?

At some point throughout the day, you count the cash and go to the bank. And when you aren’t working, one of your employees likely goes in your place. Are you walking out the door carrying a cash bag with a bank logo on it while waving good-bye and mentioning your cash deposit? Many small business owners don’t realize the walk from the store to the car is the most likely time of day for a hold-up.

You’re not a thief and you don’t think like one. With their years of experience helping business owners avoid theft, private security firms can help you identify your weaknesses and protect you and your employees from losses and potential dangers.

To review all of your security options and learn more about other new technologies, the experts at Minuteman Security Systems are here to help.  Go to or call 800.515.9188!

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