flood prevention

Water damage is the primary reason why insurance companies give out premium discounts for customers with home security systems. Although burglary and catastrophic fire decrease significantly when you own a home security system, preventable water damage is one of the leading reasons for filing insurance claims against a homeowner policy.

Because home security systems today typically include an atmospheric heat monitor, your home will always be under surveillance for pipe-damaging cold temperatures inside the house. The water in your pipes expands when it freezes, and the frozen water cracks the pipes. When the home’s internal temperature rises above freezing point, water starts to flow. If your pipes are cracked, the water pressure ruptures the pipes and water flows continuously into your home.

Water damage is nearly as destructive as fire damage. Extensive water damage leads to mold and material deterioration. With water damage, everything from the load-bearing beams to the wallpaper has to be removed and replaced.

When your home security system is automatically tracking the internal temperature of your home, the 24-hour monitoring team knows when cold temperatures start to threaten the integrity of your plumbing system. Mountain homes (frequently second homes for Riverside residents) are at the greatest risk because they frequently stand empty for days, weeks, and months at a time. However, even a city or suburban home can suffer from severe water damage with just one cold snap. A week away for a winter vacation in Hawaii could mean coming home to a house full of water and months of insurance claims (and repair work) to get life back to normal.

If you ever have to file a homeowner’s insurance claim, the cause will likely be from water damage. Use a home security system to prevent that damage and the months of headaches that will follow.

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