Cell phone peephole hack

Cell phone peephole hack project shows how you can use your cell phone to make the peephole in your front door easier to view through. Old smart phones are still plenty useful. Lots of people keep their old smart phones around and they can be put to good use like this life-hack from Minuteman Security Systems. With this DIY project you can easily snap photos or record video through through the peephole in your front door. The quality of the image is only limited by available lighting and the cellphone camera resolution on full zoom.

Cell phone peephole hack – Requirements

You only need a few simple things to do the cell phone peephole hack.

  1. A smart phone with a camera

cell phone peephole hack phone

  1. A case or holder for the smart phone

Cell phone peephole hack phone case

  1. A pair of sticky-back velro strips

Cell phone peephole hack velcro

Cell phone peephole hack – How to steps

Step One

With the velcro strips matched together, peal the backing off one side. Then adhere the velcro strips to the back of the cell phone case.

Cell phone peephole hack apply velcro

Step Two

Next remove the backing from the outer facing velcro strips. Align the camera hole in the phone case over the peephole in the door. Press the phone case firmly to the door.

Cell phone peephole hack phone attach phone
Cell phone peephole hack press firm

Step Three

Snap the cell phone into the cell phone case on the door.

Cell phone peephole hack snap in phone

Step Four

Turn the phone on. Activate the camera app. Zoom all the way in.

Cell phone peephole turn on phone
Cell phone peephole hack open camera app

Step Five

Snap a picture through the lense or record video.
Note: If you have a disposable camara or a pair of reading glasses, you can pull the lens out and try inserting the lens between the case and the door. This may optically zoom in instead of digitally zoom in, preserving the quality of the image. The image below is digitally zoomed in (no additional lens).

Cell phone peephole hack through the lens

How to get a professional system installed

MinutemanSecurity Systems is proud to present this inexpensive DIY option. When you need a professional porch camera installed call us: 888 252-7641 for a free quote.

Cell phone peephole hack professional installation