Orange County Crime Calls

July 24, 2016By sadamsArchived

The Orange County, California sheriff offers an online log for current crime calls into the various police departments throughout Orange County. Although there may be additional suspicious activity yet to be reported in the county, the call log allows you one way to monitor suspicious or unusual activity near your home. While security systems offer … Read More

Home Security Means Digital Security

July 24, 2016By sadamsArchived

Burglars who break into your home aren’t likely to go rifling through your tax returns to steal and sell your Social Security number. (Although it happens.) The thieves who steal your identity are ones you will never know invaded your home. You have to protect your digital information far more than the credit card applications … Read More

Use Your Security System to Save Money

July 24, 2016By sadamsArchived

Because most security systems now integrate with your home’s temperature controls, you can use the security system to increase efficiency in how you heat and cool your home. In addition, you can use the security system to light your home only at night, deterring crime and saving energy. The best way to heat and cool … Read More

New Year’s Eve Security

July 24, 2016By sadamsArchived

New Year’s Eve is especially popular holiday for burglars. Not only are there party-goers on the street making noise until two or three in the morning, but the people who aren’t at home will be gone until midnight. This allows burglars to watch a home until residents leave, dressed for a party, and then use … Read More

Criminals Case Commercial Businesses

July 24, 2016By sadamsArchived

Most criminals will visit a business a few times prior to committing a crime. Generally, the burglars are trying to locate the working cameras, the active cash registers, and the store safe. Your private security firm will see your store through the eyes of a criminal and be able to help you deter theft with … Read More

Is a Dog the Best Security System?

January 31, 2015By sadamsArchived

Dogs, without a doubt, are one of the best ways you can deter criminals and burglars. Not only do they sound an alarm when someone approaches the house (including the mailman), but they instill fear of pain and injury in any criminal that might try to breach your home. In addition, dogs are a portable … Read More

Burglars Return to the Scene of the Crime

January 29, 2015By sadamsArchived As reported in October 2013, thieves will often return to the scene of a crime immediately following their first attempt. While this might appear to be a risky move, both commercial buildings and residential homes generally will not immediately have an increase in security following a burglary. Generally, the thinking is, “How likely is … Read More

Beachfront Security

January 24, 2015By sadamsArchived

Any home with a view of the ocean, even a partial view, is likely to have large, picture windows. And because of beachfront public access laws, your home security is at risk when you have windows that showcase your beach view. Generally, if the sand is wet, anyone can legally walk on it. From the … Read More