new year eve security

New Year’s Eve is especially popular holiday for burglars. Not only are there party-goers on the street making noise until two or three in the morning, but the people who aren’t at home will be gone until midnight. This allows burglars to watch a home until residents leave, dressed for a party, and then use the dark of night to break into the house, knowing no one will return until after midnight.

In this scenario, a burglar isn’t looking to make a quick bust and dash out with anything easy to find. A burglar can take his time to sort through the house, making minimal noise, and find the kind of valuables easily sold online and at pawn shops — jewelry.

Nosey neighbors, neighborhood watches, and even the sound of glass breaking won’t bring the police on New Year’s Eve. The best way to deter this kind of crime is with a home security system. If the burglar forces open a door or window, the door and window monitors will sound the alarm. If the criminal breaks a window to enter the house, then motion sensors will set off the alarm. A remote surveillance team will then assess the situation and alert the police.

The combination of raucous noise and late-night parties gives criminals the perfect opportunity to break into an empty house. A simple, home-security system will keep your home safe while you ring in the new year.