Burglars who break into your home aren’t likely to go rifling through your tax returns to steal and sell your Social Security number. (Although it happens.) The thieves who steal your identity are ones you will never know invaded your home. You have to protect your digital information far more than the credit card applications in the mail and tax returns filed at your home office. Luckily, buying a home security system can significantly reduce the chances that someone is going to steal your identity.

When you install a home security system today, some of the features and benefits of the system will be routed through your home’s wifi network. Because home security companies are in the business of keeping you safe, they will review your wifi network for vulnerabilities. Once your wifi network has been analyzed and upgraded to meet the specifications for your home security system, all of that digital information you store on your home computer will be equally well-protected.

While your computer might have an anti-virus package, that software may not protect your computer from a living, breathing hacker. Working from a continent half a world away or from a car parked outside your house, a hacker can access your personal computer if you don’t have a secure wifi network. With most people using basic passwords like “password” (or no password at all), hackers can install programs that will log your every keystroke.

Hackers are trying to access the personal information for those who live in high end homes and who have substantial assets. Armed with your name, Social Security number, account information, and asset values, hackers can siphon off funds slowly or in one lump sum. Protect your identity and your savings with a secure home wifi network.