security-system Because most security systems now integrate with your home’s temperature controls, you can use the security system to increase efficiency in how you heat and cool your home. In addition, you can use the security system to light your home only at night, deterring crime and saving energy.

The best way to heat and cool a home is by gradually changing the temperature. Blasting the air conditioner or the heating system is very inefficient and can dramatically increase the cost of your energy bill. Use your home security system to activate the temperature controls at a specific time each day. Or use your smartphone to interact with the security system and initiate the temperature control remotely.

Keep in mind, you can also use the security system remote access apps to monitor and adjust the temperature in the house to keep the system off. If you forget to turn down the temperature control for a long trip, you can avoid wasting energy by turning down the temperature from anywhere in the world.

Of course, when you have some or all of your house lights connected to the security system, you can use the system to schedule lights to turn on and off. Because thieves are known to watch a home for several days prior to a burglary looking for patterns, by randomly turning lights on and off, your home will appear to be occupied.