business crime

Most criminals will visit a business a few times prior to committing a crime. Generally, the burglars are trying to locate the working cameras, the active cash registers, and the store safe. Your private security firm will see your store through the eyes of a criminal and be able to help you deter theft with a few few simple steps.

• Use real and functioning cameras. Fake cameras are common, and a good thief can spot them easily. To truly deter crime, install a small, customer-facing monitor showing the feed from the store’s various cameras. • Post serious and informative signs. Cute or clever signs like, “Smile. You’re on camera.” don’t convey the serious nature of professional security. Burglars will be much less likely to return if you have a sign that states, “The video feed from this store is immediately stored online and cannot be erased.” • Teach your staff to make eye contact with everyone and simply say, “Hello.” Eye contact is the best way to indicate to a potential burglar that you have seen his or her face. For the true customers, a simple hello will seem friendly, but not overly intrusive.

Burglars can’t see the 24-hour surveillance team, and they don’t know if you have a functioning security system, despite a few stickers posted on the door. To show the true force of your active security system, don’t hide it. Alert employees, professional signs, and active camera feeds will ensure the burglars go looking elsewhere for a weak point they can breach.