beach-font security Any home with a view of the ocean, even a partial view, is likely to have large, picture windows. And because of beachfront public access laws, your home security is at risk when you have windows that showcase your beach view.

Generally, if the sand is wet, anyone can legally walk on it. From the famous Orange County surfing cities to the Northern California rocky shore, the public has a right to enjoy the California coast. But this coastal law can also compromise your home security.

First, install sufficient barriers to prevent anyone from seeing into your home at night. Start with curtains, awnings, patio furniture, and plant life. These will partially block views into your home, while allowing you to keep a glimpse of the nighttime coastal lights. Next add security shutters. If you select shutters that are both attractive and secure, the shutters won’t be a signal to burglars that you are away on vacation.

Keep your bedroom private. While you will want to enjoy the beach view from your second story master bedroom, draw those curtains to a close at night. You won’t be able to see the burglars on the beach trying to assess where you keep your jewelry as you prepare to go out or prepare to go to bed.

Lastly, make your home security system visible to anyone on the beach. Blinking camera lights, security logos, and motion detection systems will deter burglars from selecting your home. Living behind giant picture windows comes with a price — don’t let that price be the cost of your stolen valuables.

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