Dogs, without a doubt, are one of the best ways you can deter criminals and burglars. Not only do they sound an alarm when someone approaches the house (including the mailman), but they instill fear of pain and injury in any criminal that might try to breach your home. In addition, dogs are a portable security system. Anyone jogging with a dog is not likely to get mugged or attacked.

However, dogs are really only one part of a host of ways to deter criminals. Obviously, because dog can’t stay alone for more than a few hours, and they require boarding. That leaves your house unguarded when you are away on long-trips. Plus, if a savvy burglar watches your routine, he would know how long you and the dog will be gone for a jog everyday.

A professional alarm company will be well-versed in the benefits and challenges of clients who have dogs. Because household pets are common, your security firm can easily adjust motion sensors to deter and ignore the movements of a household pet. Plus, with a well placed camera, the surveillance team can check the camera first to see if the animal is at fault for an alarm. A dog will also significantly slow the progress of a burglar, allowing the security firm ample time to assess the situation and respond accordingly.

Lastly, your security system can add an extra layer of protection for your dog. While your pet may have a chip implant to identify it once recovered if lost, the chip can’t be tracked with a GPS system. However, your security company can provide you with a small device that easily fits onto your dog’s collar, ensuring you’ll never lose track of your pet.

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