security tracking devices In September 2014, a burglar took thousands of dollars of antique furniture from a Riverside County resident. Luckily, the police investigating the incident tracked the stolen furniture to an antique store in San Diego, arrested the alleged robber, and recovered the furniture. (

The case serves as a good example of when a tracking device or GPS unit could have helped the police recover lost goods. Tracking devices are so small they fit inconspicuously into most personal possessions. Golf bags, briefcases, and handbags are just a few portable items that can easily transport a tracker. Larger items such as bicycles, furniture, and Ski-Doos can also hide a small tracking unit to aid in recovery.

While you might have theft coverage as part of your homeowner’s insurance policy, generally home insurance policies have deductibles at or above $1,000 — so the theft of just one or two possessions is generally not covered. With a GPS tracker, you can tell the police exactly where to find and recover stolen items.

GPS tracking devices also offer a convenient way to supervise children and older adults. Because these small devices fit easily into a backpack or purse, you can take comfort knowing exactly where your family members are at all times.

Connected to satellites or a local cell phone network, tracking devices can give you an up-to-the-moment report through your cell phone or home computer. In addition, you can also add a “safe zone” and when the device moves outside of the zone, you receive an automated alert. Ask your home security firm to include several tracking devices as part of your home security package.

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