Thanksgiving security

If you are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner at your house, you probably aren’t at risk of being the victim of a break-in. However, like many people, if you aren’t going to be home on Thanksgiving Day, you might come home to find that a burglar took advantage of the holiday and broke into your house.

Thieves like holidays. Generally, people are away for long periods of time. Frequently people are gone during the day, making it easier for the thieves to break a window, climb inside, and walk around undetected. Strange noises and movement is suspicious at night; during the day, however, these activities blend in with the sounds of an active neighborhood.

Leave the lights on — inside and out. While the cost of electricity makes people cringe (along with the “wasted” energy), bright lights are the best deterrent for theft. Use a security system or timing devices to keep the light (and a TV or radio) turning on and off on a rotating basis.

Use motion detectors. The best kind of motion detectors are connected to a private security system that will notify a team of security personnel remoting watching your home. However, there are some more basic options. If you don’t already have an outdoor motion detector for convenience, add one for the added safety benefits. You can also buy motion detection plugs that will turn on a light, radio, or TV if someone trips the device.

Tell your neighbors you’ll be gone. Sometimes nothing works better to deter crime than the eyes and ears of a friend next door. In fact, ask the neighbor to come over, pet the cat, and turn on a few lights. Thieves watch targeted homes for a few days before they strike. Any activity, even from a neighbor, will unnerve the thief enough to stay away.

Don’t let a thief ruin a wonderful Thanksgiving for you and your family. Crime, unfortunately is everywhere, and no one thinks they will be a victim until it’s too late. With just a few simple steps, you can deter burglars and keep your home and family safe from a holiday-turned-bad.

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