In September 2014, two women were arrested for burglarizing homes throughout Orange County while posing as maids looking for work. The women would approach a home posing as housekeepers looking for work. Under such a guise they evaded detection by any neighbors passing by. If the house seemed empty, the women would then signal for three men to break into the home.

This kind of scheme serves as an example that no neighborhood is free from criminal activity. However, it does show that criminals will find a way to survey a home prior to burglarizing it. Studies show that criminal are frequently deterred by the presence of home security systems. Posing as maids, electricians, gardeners, or utility company employees, burglars gain close access to look for residents at home or working security systems.

Burglars need time when breaching a home. Generally, they don’t know where to find small valuables such as jewelry and cash. Large electronics like televisions are difficult to conceal and will trigger a police call by a suspicious neighbor. Home security systems significantly reduce the amount of time any burglar will have to search through a home for portable, high value items.

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