employee theftIf you hire seasonal employees, be careful about providing too much immediate access to significant amounts of cash or expensive merchandise. Because commercial security systems require internal knowledge to be successfully breached, seasonal employees often form crime rings to collaborate efforts and steal from their short-term employers.

Over time, these crime rings gain an understanding of the security routines commonly used by small and large retailers. While no two retailers have the same exact kind of cash handling and inventory management system, many use similar procedures to deter theft. Once the crime rings have a good understanding of how the security systems work, they can coordinate efforts to steal from within.

In addition, the criminals gain an understanding of who is likely to be prosecuted for the crimes. Not all retailers will use company resources to collect evidence on all crimes. Once detected, some retailers simply look for a way to terminate an employee who has stolen an “insignificant” amount of money or goods. By stealing less than one thousand dollars, many avoid criminal records.

When hiring seasonal employees, run a basic background check for any criminal history. Keep your security measures secret while making your use of cameras and cash tracking visible. You’ll be busy with clients and customers, so rely on your security firm to help you keep your company’s assets safe during the holiday season.


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