This security kit is ready for both wired and wireless sensors. The 6128RF reciever is all you need to receive wireless signals. Add any of the wired or wireless sensors to the system & you are ready for business. The system comes with 6 hardwired zoned which is expandable to 14 by using an 8 zone expander.  The system is capable of receiving 12 wireless sensors. This gives you a total of 26 possible zones, which is enough even for larger homes & business. If you choose not to pay a monthly monitoring fee, simply add a system dialer & when an alarm is triggered it will call your cell phone, a neighbor or a friend. Up to 4 seperate numbers can be programmed in for automatic dialing.

With six hard wired zones and 5800 wireless zone expansion, the VISTA-10SE is the industry’s most economical and sophisticated panel with light and appliance control. This kit comes with all of the hardware nessasary to get started. Make your system more secure & add more wired, or wireless sensors.

Package Includes

  • Vista-10SE Control Panel
  • 6128RF wireless ready keypad
  • 5890PI wireless PIR motion detector
  • (2) 5816 Wireless Door/Window transmitters
  • Wave 2-tone Siren
  • 12V, 4ah back-up battery



pdf Vista 10 user manual (196 K)