Is a Dog the Best Security System?

January 31, 2015By sadamsArchived No Comments

Dogs, without a doubt, are one of the best ways you can deter criminals and burglars. Not only do they sound an alarm when someone approaches the house (including the mailman), but they instill fear of pain and injury in any criminal that might try to breach your home. In addition, dogs are a portable … Read More

Burglars Return to the Scene of the Crime

January 29, 2015By sadamsArchived No Comments As reported in October 2013, thieves will often return to the scene of a crime immediately following their first attempt. While this might appear to be a risky move, both commercial buildings and residential homes generally will not immediately have an increase in security following a burglary. Generally, the thinking is, “How likely is … Read More

Beachfront Security

January 24, 2015By sadamsArchived No Comments

Any home with a view of the ocean, even a partial view, is likely to have large, picture windows. And because of beachfront public access laws, your home security is at risk when you have windows that showcase your beach view. Generally, if the sand is wet, anyone can legally walk on it. From the … Read More